Sales knowledge to park operators

After years in different roles across the leisure and residential park industry with arguably the strongest sales figures in the UK Parkstone has been set up  to offer this knowledge to park operators across the country

Offering a whole range of services to suit the needs of any size park

Helping to train sales people , advise on Marketing strategies, help build a process in sales , increase footfall , conversion rates and in most cases margin.

  • Sales are the key to driving every business forward, increasing sales performance increases the bottom line. Improving the quality of sales helps retain customers which increases positive brand awareness.
  • We do the simple things extremely well and focus on the right systems for your business together with effective marketing to engage your customers, increasing your sales performance and customer base.
  • We improve sales performances in your business by analysing your current sales strategy, sales proposition and ways of working, sales processes and your sales team.

Need to increase sales?

Our tried and tested methods already suit many park operators!

If you would like someone outside of your business to talk to and run an idea by we will offer support and help you…

  • Our Goal

    To help grow and support your lodge, park home sales and build a long term relationship with your team and customers to improve customer service and increasing sales performance.

  • Support Your Business

    We aim to listen and understand your business needs versus goals, identifying key areas that need action & support.

  • Media and Marketing expertise

    Marketing plans, sales funnels, social media campaigns, web development, branding, stock, presentation, best business practice, here at the Parkstone Consultancy we enjoy what we do for the people who use our services and above all we like to keep it simple…

I worked with Keith whilst I was at DLG he was the “buzz name” within lodge sales …a “selling machine” Always happy to help in all areas and a “workaholic” Forever going the extra mile to build relationships with customers and invaluable at finding solutions to any problems that arose

Daniella GraffatoLicensing Specialist at Exertis Unlimited